MAGOVAC d.o.o.
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NBM Magovac


The company Metalwork NBM Magovac is a family business with a long tradition, which has been operating in the field of melat product industry since 1984.


We specialize in the coldworking of a variety of materials. We have excellent results in the deep drawing of stainless steel, aluminum, titanium and steel sheet. Our main products are components of high-quality circulation pumps (bushings, lids for bushings, rotor casings of different dimensions ...).


In addition to these specific products, we also produce other general useful products, such as siphon tubes, heater casings with cover and small household appliance components.


Technology is very eadvanced and unique in Slovenia, and even in Europe there are only a few similar producers of similar products. We produce these products with special tools on dedicated machines. We are strategic suppliers to our customers. Our production is ecologically acceptable and in line with all regulations in force. 


In spirit of positive business orientation we still aspire to innovate our products and also to improve employee satisfaction.


In March 2014 we received ISO 9001:2008 certificate for our Quality Management System.


We are proud recipients of the prestigious award ZLATI CEH by the Chamber of Craft and Small Business of Slovenia at the International Trade and Business Fair Celje 2006, which proves our quality and our recognition also in the wider economic area.


In 2010 NBM s.p. founded a sister company MAGOFORM d.o.o. due to the expansion of the company and the growth of the turnover.